Immigration Services

Legal Document Preparation
Starting at $300 flat fee. We handle various types of forms and contracts, please call to discuss your needs.

Immigration law may seem obvious and self-explanatory, but is in fact quite complex. There are many issues during the immigration process that may come up and put a hold on your application. Having an experienced immigration lawyer on your side will give you the best chance of being successful. A lawyer can help put things back on track even when your case appears hopeless.

Immigration law provides for various categories under which it is possible to come to the U.S. and the procedure is different for each. There may be a way for a noncitizen to obtain lawful permanent resident status, which the individual qualifies for, but is not aware of the process. It is equally important that all of the necessary forms are completed and supplemented with required documentation in order to have the best chance of relief. Document preparation is a very involved process and a single mistake can result in a denial or a rejection. Such a mistake can prove to be especially costly when you may not have an opportunity to refile. Maven Law Firm has the expertise and experience to make sure that your matter is handled properly from the beginning.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding each case, there may come a point where issues arise and it may prove difficult to proceed without intervention of an immigration lawyer. Yet, having representation of a skilled lawyer earlier could prevent unwelcome outcomes or need for an appel. When a lawyer is involved from the onset of your case, you will have an easier time having someone on your side who knows your case inside and out and can offer effective arguments in your favor!