Business Solutions

File for an LLC – starting from $750 flat fee for drafting and filing incorporation documents with the Secretary of State.

Our business law solutions focus on assisting small businesses with the following:

  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs), Corporations (C and S Corp), and LLC filings and registration.
  • Sales, Asset Purchase Agreements and other business change of ownership transactions.
  • Shareholder agreements, LLC operating agreements, pre-incorporation agreements, and buy-sell agreements.
  • Business entity mergers, conversions, or dissolutions.
  • Negotiation, review, and counsel concerning various agreements.
  • Independent contractor agreements.
  • Trademarks, Copyright and Intellectual property services to protect your business operations and brand.
  • Legal advice and counsel pertaining to business and commercial transactions and disputes.
  • Trade secrets, privacy, non-compete and other contract breaches.

We approach each matter intelligently and anticipate novel legal issues when presented with new technologies and evolving business concepts regulated by old statutes and legal precedents. Whether you are a gaming company, financial institution, consumer oriented or social media company, we can plan a dispute resolution or a litigation strategy designed to win.