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  • ” I went to many different law offices, but this was the best immigration attorney I found. So happy that I chose to file my papers and pursue an O visa with him! He really knew how to fast-track the process and explained complex matters with ease.”
  • “Hired an attorney to file for my student visa after enrolling into college. But three months later, received a letter that I’m out of status and have 30 days to leave. I was shocked and scared. When I contacted the attorney about my situation, I couldn’t get a straight answer.So happy that I found Yan. He calmed me down, told me exactly what I needed to do and contacted my school. He was able to get all the documents, refile, and get me the F1 visa.”
  • “Received a red light camera ticket and thought I was dead in the water. I was on the verge of just paying the ticket, but decided to consult a lawyer. Yan explained to me that I had a number of ways to fight the ticket and that it was worth a shot. I took the chance and never regretted it. He showed up to court and got it dismissed!!”
  • “I had to return the car within 10 days and that is that…Talk about being bullied…”
  • “I called to discussed the matter and was told not to worry and they have a new deal for about $12 more per month and could I come in and sign the new contract, which I did…this was exactly 30 days after I signed the 1st contract…Well 2 weeks after that they call me again to again tell me they cannot place the finance….That is when I contacted Yan…”
  • ”After throwing the book at them, he got the dealership to respond within hours of receiving his letter of demand, AGREEING that the contract was enforceable and that Chrysler Finance will be sending me my statements…Talk about David and Goliath… :)”
  • “I am 55 years of age and have had to deal with lawyers often just in the regular course of doing business…You are by far the best attorney that have ever represented me…Thank you for a job well done..”
  • ”After coming to Los Angeles and staying on the student visa I got discovered as a model. Had to adjust status and change my papers ASAP. Got recommended this law firm from a friend in the industry. He was smart, confident and very nice. Spoke Russian and English so there were no problems communicating. He helped me to get my H1B working visa and now, after working in LA and New York, I’m applying for an O visa with him as well. Highly recommend him, whether you’re in entertainment or not.”

About us

Maven Law Firm is an experienced full service Los Angeles based law firm specializing in Immigration, Business, & Criminal hybrid representation. The firm is known for providing consistent favorable results to their wide range of clients.

We offer a wide array of legal services in the complicated and quite dynamic immigration and business law sectors. To learn more about immigration law, amnesty, O-1 Talent Visas and our services, please give us a call at 310-363-0240 and we’ll be happy to discuss your matter with you.

Our Services:

  • DUI law
  • Immigration law
  • Criminal law
  • Business law
  • Family law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Personal Injury

Latest questions and answers

Principal Attorney

1Why choose Maven Law Firm?

Our firm is committed to providing top-notch legal service at competitive rates. We work to bring all-around value to our clients.

2What are “unbundled” legal services?

Unbundling legal services is a great way to provide limited scope legal assistance by taking a client’s legal matter and breaking it down into separate tasks. Such task-focused service often allows the attorney to keep the cost down and offer a fixed fee rather than the traditional, standard billable hours structure, which makes it easier for clients to budget for legal representation. Each case is unique and may not be appropriate for unbundling, you should consult with an attorney regarding your needs

3Why do I need a lawyer when I can do it myself?

Some legal matters may seem straightforward and effortless, which can result in self-help with unfortunate consequences. Before choosing to proceed on your own volition, you should at least consider to consult with an experienced professional about your case. An attorney can help you understand your rights and responsibilities; help you evaluate your options; negotiate or mediate conflicts with other people; prepare letters and more. What you don’t know can hurt you.

4What can I expect after I hire the attorney?

The attorney will commence working on your matter and frequent contact with you is generally not needed. The fee that the attorney quotes usually assumes nominal contact. However, you can call the attorney to discuss the status of your case or new developments

5After hiring an attorney, I would like a second opinion about my case. Can I obtain another consultation?

Do not be deceived and think that you are stuck with the attorney you retained. You are free to consult with another lawyer when in doubt and can choose to hire another lawyer if you don’t like how your case is being handled.

6What should I share with my attorney?

You should give your attorney all the facts concerning your case and make a full and fair disclosure of the entire situation. In order to serve you well, your attorney must know not only the favorable facts but also those that may be unfavorable. Remember, what you share with an attorney is confidential and will not be disclosed.

Yan Goldshteyn

Attorney At Law

Yan Goldshteyn, the Principal attorney, is in good standing with the California State Bar and admitted to the United States District Court for the Central District of California as well as the Immigration Courts and the Board of Immigration Appeals.

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